Welcome To Florence Spurling Studio!

Hello, and welcome to the Studio blog!

I’m Florence, and I specialize in hand crafted and embellished textiles. I trained at Chelsea College of Art and the Royal College of Art, both in London, before embarking on a new adventure in the USA. After spending two years in Philadelphia, the studio is now situated in New York.

My contemporary design studio focuses on celebrating traditional craftsmanship, demonstrated through the fabrics and textile products I design and make.

The studio ethos maintains a respect for skilled handwork and continues to elevate craft techniques into a modern and experimental context.

Knit, crochet, beading, embroidery and fabric manipulation are continuously being developed in the studio’s unique aesthetic to produce one-off collections that are feminine, highly tactile, innovative and very decorative.

This blog provides an insight into the inner workings of the Studio’s textile designs and products, documenting the journey from initial inspiration to finished item.

To visit the Studio’s website and view my online portfolio please click here! 


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