New Skills


I have always loved the challenge of learning and incorporating a new skill into my designs.

There is something very satisfying about the process of figuring out how a new method works; slowly understanding how to demystify relevant patterns and instructions and conquering new materials. Of course, it also can be incredibly frustrating  trying to decipher the new lingo, stitches, and whatever else is associated with the technique at hand. Possibly the most difficult aspect is learning how to master the skill at a level that is professional, refined and within your own aesthetic.

Most recently, I am interested in exploring the technique of bead weaving. Since my heavy use of beads within the last jewelry collection, I have been thinking about how I can continue to develop my beading skills. The image above shows my very first experiments within the technique. I’m mostly interested in being able to construct individual motifs – which I can then incorporate into my textile designs, or jewelry designs as embellishments. In the meantime, I’ll be practicing and exploring as much as I can.

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